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Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a major initiative by the UK government aimed at simplifying and automating tax administration. This scheme represents a significant shift in how taxpayers record and submit tax information, requiring a move away from annual tax returns towards a digitised, real-time system where tax data is recorded and reported online. Launched by the UK’s tax, payments, and customs authority, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), MTD forms part of the government’s broader plan to make the UK’s tax system one of the most digitally advanced tax systems globally. 

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Making Tax Digital

What Is 'Making Tax Digital'?

MTD has multiple key components. Firstly, it mandates the use of digital records for tax purposes, which should include all financial transactions relevant to tax liabilities. Under MTD, businesses and individuals are required to maintain and preserve these records using functional compatible software (software which can interact with HMRC systems) which also allows them to update HMRC directly through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Secondly, it changes the frequency with which tax updates are reported to HMRC. Rather than an annual tax return, businesses and individuals will need to provide updates to HMRC at least on a quarterly basis, ensuring a more regular, accurate, and timely submission of information.

Moreover, MTD aims to provide a more accurate, efficient, and convenient tax reporting system. Through the personalised digital tax account created for each taxpayer, the individuals and businesses can see an overview of their tax situation in real time, reducing the need for annual tax returns, providing certainty over tax bills and reducing errors.

Making Tax Digital
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Transforming The UK Tax System

The MTD initiative is being rolled out in phases. Since April 2019, the initiative was implemented for VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold of £85,000. These businesses must keep their records digitally and submit their VAT returns using MTD-compatible software.

The government made MTD to all VAT-registered businesses mandatory from April 2022, regardless of their turnover. And from April 2026, it is set to expand MTD to businesses and landlords with business income over £10,000 per year for Income Tax purposes. Finally, it is proposed that from April 2027, Making Tax Digital will apply to Corporation Tax.
Overall, MTD is set to transform the tax system in the UK by improving accuracy, reducing errors and creating a more transparent and real-time tax environment. By harnessing the potential of digital technology, MTD seeks to facilitate better record-keeping practices, improve tax compliance and provide greater clarity for taxpayers on their tax situation throughout the year, rather than at its end.

While the transition may initially require investment in digital systems, training, and compliance, it should also present opportunities for efficiencies and increased understanding of one’s financial position in the longer term. In order for this initiative to succeed, support from HMRC and the collaboration of software developers, tax agents, and taxpayers are essential in this digital evolution of the UK’s tax system.

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Making Tax Digital

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