One of the unfortunate facts of business life is that sometimes there will be disagreement between the taxpayer and the Taxman.

Often the facts of the case could be in question but it is also common that the legislation itself is under question.

Tax isn't always black & white and where this is the case we are willing to argue your case in the strongest possible terms.

You have many rights as a taxpayer and we’ll make sure they’re never neglected by HMRC.
Disputes often arise in all sorts of business areas and usually are related to...

  • Employment status;
  • Repairs versus capital;
  • Adjustments in regards to private usage;
  • Capital allowances;
  • Settlements legislation - the classic scenario of a husband & wife company;
  • IR35 disputes;
  • Assessments for tax purposes;
  • Is it a trading activity or not?
  • VAT segregation of businesses in order to avoid registration;
  • Employee benefits.

We have the expert tax knowledge needed to assist you with a wide range of possible tax disputes.

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